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Preguntas Frecuentes

Sabemos que hay muchas dudas alrededor del proceso de un plan de negocios. Tratamos de contestar algunas aquí, pero si no ves la respuesta a tu pregunta, contáctanos y la contestaremos con mucho gusto.

  • How long is the process of building my business plan?
    This is a good question and has to do with the size and complexity of the business. Also relevant, is the amount of people that must be involved in the assesment phase and their availability. Nevertheless, a normal timeframe is around one month.
  • Can you help me secure financing?
    Yes, We can work with you through the process of raising capital if your business model/idea has sufficient merits.
  • How much does a professional business plan cost?
    The plan will be quoted based on the business since every company is unique, but the first consultation is always free.
  • Can a plan be changed during the process?
    Of course. Usually, as the plan starts taking shape, changes appear and are incorporated since future results start becoming apparent.
  • Do you have other services besides business plans?
    Sí, We can also assist you with legal matters, creating a company, accounting and more.
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