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Proven Fact: Businesses that plan and measure their results grow 30% faster than those who don't.

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What is a business plan?

A business plan answers the:

  • WHAT

  • WHY

  • HOW

  • WHEN


of your business idea

Its where you give structure, definition, analysis and projection to your ideas and translate them into measurable and actionable data. It explains and projects your enterprise in the short and mid term.


What we do



We help design and define your business


We give you the tools to secure partners or financing

Business-Plan impreso.jpeg


We give you a professional plan


We measure your real-world results during your growth phase

Expert Advice

Participative Process

Professional Results

Satisfied Customers

Highly recommended, it was a pleasure working with Chileplan, from the first meeting everything flowed naturally. We planned the course, set goals and decided how to measure progress .

They were very specific and clear in the construction of a strategy to stand out from our competitors.

It was a good decision to define a path and know how to measure our progress.

100% recommendable

Marcelo Burgueño - Owner - Grupo Fogón

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